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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Secret Tears

Do not love me if you can’t;
But turn me not out of your doors.
Let me live in the far corner of your palace
To serve you.

I shall water your flowers with my secret tears.
I shall sweep your path with cold sighs.
For ages I have been in love with you,
And made my heart your abode

But it has been a forlorn love.
For you cast upon me despite
And not a smile ever fell my lot,
For which I longed and yearned.

And I cried and cried and cried;
At the dead of night,
When everybody was asleep;
So that they may not know
You were so cruel.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

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Monday, January 14, 2008

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Windows XP Tips & Tricks

How to Remove Windows XP's Messenger
Set the Search Screen to the Classic Look
New Sound Blaster Drivers
Upgrading to Windows XP
How to Upgrade Windows 98 or Windows ME Profiles to Windows XP Domain User Profiles
How to make your Desktop Icons Transparent
Speed up your browsing of Windows 2000 & XP machines
Set up and Use Internet Connection Sharing
Set Processes Priority
Set Permissions for Shared Files and Folders
Search For Hidden Or System Files In Windows XP
Restricting Logon Access
Remove the Bin from the Desktop
How to Rename the Recycle Bin
Provide Remote Assistance When Using a NAT Device
Ports That Are Used by Windows Product Activation
Make your Folders Private
IP address of your connection
How to use Windows Update Properly
Install/Enable NetBEUI Under WinXP
How to remove the Default Picture and Fax Preview Action
How to Convert FAT to NTFS file system
AVI File Fix in Windows XP
Mustek 600 CP scanner or other software unable to install on XP
How do I enable advanced security settings like found in Windows 2000
Hide 'User Accounts' from users
Force users to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to Logon
Fix your Slow XP and 98 Network
How to Convert a FAT Partition to NTFS
Copy Files and Folders to CD
Create a Password Reset Disk
Disable CD Autorun
20 things you didn't know about Windows XP
Adding Programs To Stay On The Start Menu
Boot Defragment
For a Safer, faster XP Close Unwanted Services
Getting an Older Program to Run on Windows XP
Changing The Internet Time Update Synchronization
Slow Shutdown
Using Remote Desktop
User Accounts and Fast User Switching
Rename a Series of Files
Licensing Issues
To change drive letters
My Computer Won't Shut Down Itself After Installing XP
Never Re-Activate After Installation
On Screen Keyboard
How To Enable Hibernation
How to Write a Windows XP Driver
How to create a boot disk
Music and Audio with XP
How to make My Computer' open in Explore mode with folder list
XP to directly access WebDAV "internet disks"
Get rid of Windows Messenger
Remove Shared Documents
Change the text in Internet Explorers title bar to anything you want
Reduce Temporary Internet File Space
Enable / Disable Firewall
Win XP Won’t Completely Shutdown
Clear Page file on shutdown
Adjust various visual effects
Disable Error Reporting
Remove shortcut arrow from desktop icons
Easy sendto menu modification
Enable Clear Type
Getting MP3 ripping to work in Windows Media Player 8 in XP
Internet Broadband
Add Album Art to any Music Folder
Keyboard Shortcuts
Where has Scan Disk Gone
Using Remote Assistance - Start a Session with E-Mail
Using Remote Assistance Start a Session with Windows Messenger
User Interface Tweaks
XP File Sharing
Set up and Use Internet Connection Sharing
XP Network Protocols
Hibernate Option
Computer management console
What are XP PowerToys
Use the Internet Connection Firewall to Secure Your Small Network
Turn off Welcome screen
Speed up viewing shared files across a network
Setup XP from a Network drive
Use a Shortcut to Local Area Network Connection Information
Stop Error Message at Shutdown
Speed up your Windows 2000/XP system and save resources at the same time
Use Virtual Private Networks for Secure Internet Data Transfer
Unlocking WinXP's setupp.ini
Ping Function
Use System Restore to Undo Changes if Problems Occur
Use PostScript Type 1 fonts in XP
Use Offline Files When You're off the Network
Use Infrared Data Transfer to Connect Computers and Devices
Use Hibernate and Standby to Conserve Batteries
What upgrade paths does Windows XP support
File Sharing without ICS
Error - ''boot_unmountable_drive'' when installing XP
Set up and Use Internet Connection Sharing
Set Processes Priority
Set Permissions for Shared Files and Folders
Search For Hidden Or System Files In Windows XP
Restricting Logon Access
FDISK Tutorial
Dual Boot XP
Don't Ignore the Windows Logo Key
Disable CD Autorun
Disable Attachment restrictions in Outlook from Office
Create a Password Reset Disk
Copy Files and Folders to CDs
Convert a FAT Partition to the NTFS File System
Make XP boot even Faster
Speed Up Browsing
Mega Shutdown and Restart Troubleshooting Guide
Get The Drivers You Need
Group policy for Windows XP
How Do I Install Net Meeting
Crackling Sound With Soundblaster Cards
Change The Taskbar Group Size
Set Permissions for Shared Files and Folders
Set up and Use Internet Connection Sharing
Step-by-Step Guide to Migrating Files and Settings
Make Use Of Your Windows Key
What is the difference between Home and Professional editions
What are the minimum system requirements
What are the design goals for Windows XP? What does it improve
Do most of my programs from Windows 9x work in Windows XP
Error - Installing XP on an Asus UDMA 100 Board
Using Windows XP Help and Support Center
Using Remote Assistance in Windows XP
Understanding My Music in Windows XP
Understanding Microsoft .NET Passport
Turning Off the Licensing Feature in Windows XP
Radio and the Windows Media Player
Take your favorite tunes with you transfer music to a portable player
Shutting Down Windows XP
Install Windows XP Professional Quick Upgrade
Sharing Your Own Computer's Stuff with the Network
Playing DVDs in Windows XP
Make Web Pages Available for Offline Viewing
Logging On to Your computer
Joining a Network
Keeping Windows XP Up-to-Date
Making Older Programs Run under Windows XP
Mapping Network Drives in Windows XP
Make Windows XP Professional Accessible
Saving Web Pages with Internet Explorer 6
What are the differences between using a domain or a workgroup in Windows XP
Installing Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles Relating to the Setup XP
Making Sense of the New My Computer Program in Windows XP
Installing Windows XP with MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98 or WindowsME
Installing Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and Windows XP
Step by Step Guide to Installing a New Printer in Windows XP
Install Windows XP Professional - New Installation
How to Use Qfixapp.exe In Windows XP
Burning CDs in Windows XP and the Limitations
Troubleshooting and Driver Issues
Add Album Art to any Music Folder
Change the location of the My Music or My Pictures Folders
Add/Remove Optional Windows Components
Remove Windows Messenger
Small Windows XP FAQ
Protect your Identity
Multiuser Features and Advanced Settings
Display the Quick Launch Bar
Microsoft Product Activation
No Java in Windows XP
Prepare your Hardware
Windows XP Authentication
Windows XP and DVD
Windows XP support OpenGL
XP Expires
Everything You Ever Needed to know about Microsoft Passport
The Windows XP File Systems
Add sound to almost every event in Windows
Classic Look Make XP look just like older versions of Windows
Volume Icon in Taskbar
Make XP display a custom screen saver using your very own pictures
Custom User Icons
Password Recovery Disk
Windows XP and Symmetric Multiprocessing
XP Game Compatibility
Windows XP Step-by-Step Installation Instructions
Install Windows XP Professional - New Installation
XP File Sharing and Permissions
Compatibility Mode Make older programs run in Windows XP

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Thursday, January 3, 2008


Change any image into a font-image.

Your Life Sucks Because You Expect It To Suck (and 10 Ways to Improve It Right Now)

DepressedContrary to popular belief, you are in control of our life. You may believe, based on what you have been taught, that other people have at least some control over your destiny.

We want you to understand that this is not the case…unless you allow it to be.

You may have learned to expect life to be difficult, limiting, and unrewarding. Now is your chance to unlearn that, grow, and succeed.

The following list will help guide you through taking back control over your life. It’s a lot of information so I would suggest printing it out or bookmarking it so you can return on a regular basis and remind yourself what you are trying to accomplish.

1. Don’t Exist to Survive, Exist to Flourish

Everyone has basic survival needs. It is important that you seek to meet your needs and then strive to move beyond them.

So many people get caught up in meeting their needs that they stop after that small accomplishment. It’s paycheck to paycheck. We pay the rent, we pay the bills, we buy the food, we buy the clothes, we borrow for our pleasure and we go back to work. The money comes in, the money goes out, and the names are changed to protect the innocent.

An ant works all day and at the end of the day it’s still an ant and it’s still working. In order to break from the habits of the ant, you simply need to choose to do so. Don’t let life happen to you; you need to happen to life.

Get out of debt, get an emergency fund, generate more income, save for your retirement, and build wealth.

2. Don’t Allow Other People’s Limits To Control You

Your expectations of life were developed as a child. Your beliefs and views of the world depend on how your parents, grandparents, friends, and teachers interacted with you.

Some people think that they will never be rich or treated fairly because of their skin color. Others think they need the government to help them get ahead because their parents thought they needed the government. One friend told you that being rich was simply good fortune; that you had to win life’s lottery in order to make it. Your uncle told you that it’s impossible to live comfortably without borrowing money.

These people have set limits on you and you are allowing those limits to control your life.

You can identify a limit that has been set on you every time you find yourself thinking negatively about a situation or goal. Work to identify each limit as it presents itself and then conquer the limit by proving it wrong.

Free yourself from the control of other people’s beliefs.

3. Don’t Manufacture or Invite Pain

Do you believe that life has to be difficult? My Aunt always told me, “Life’s a bitch and then you die.” (I’ve conquered the limit she set on me, by the way).

Sometimes we invite pain because we don’t feel comfortable without it. Pain is at least a sign that you’re still alive, right? But does it help us or hold us back?

Life does not have to be hard. It’s really only as hard as you want it to be.

Say this to yourself a few times: I don’t owe anyone anything and I am not responsible for others. We bring pain on ourselves when we feel that we need to repay that which was given to us as a gift, or when we try to take responsibility for others.

Stop brining unnecessary pain on yourself.

4. Fix Yourself, Don’t Affix Blame

Be accountable for your past, present, and future. Whatever has happened thus far is your fault and whatever is going to happen in the future is also your fault.

If you affix blame and live life as a victim, you will stay a victim forever. Victims do not realize dreams and goals, proactive people do.

Besides, blaming doesn’t fix anything, only action does. If you want to improve your life, you have to take responsibility for it.

5. Forgive Others To Release Their Control Of You

Face whatever has been done to you in the past, recover from it, and then forgive.

When you fail to forgive, you allow the unforgiven person or thing to control you forever. It will be a constant weight hooked to your ankles that you choose to drag around for your entire life. Notice I said you choose to drag it around. You choose to drag it because you can also choose to break the chain at any time.

Face it, accept it, recover from it, and forgive. You will never find freedom without forgiveness.

6. Think Positive Of Yourself and Your Life

Cultivate an indomitable spirit. Believe you can and will succeed.

Make a list of positive statements about yourself and read them everyday.

Do not make excuses or put yourself down in conversations with others or with yourself. And analyze the people you come in contact with on a regular basis. Are these negative people or positive people? Your friends should support you and lift you up, not depress you and drag you down to their level.

And when someone compliments you, say thank you. That’s important. Many people receive compliments and respond with, “oh well, I’m really not…”.

Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

7. Suppress Drama and Embrace Reality

If you notice, the drama queens always have drama in their life. Drama doesn’t find them, they find the drama. That’s because drama is a choice.

It’s also important to understand that drama limits you. It is a tool of victims. The more drama you allow in your life, the more you will lose sight of your goals. Drama does not create progress, it forbids it.

If you are around people who always experience drama of one type or another, think about distancing yourself from that person. You don’t need the baggage that comes with constant drama.

8. Fulfill Your Own Wants and Needs

Many people are caught up in putting other’s first. It is ingrained in a lot of us during childhood. Let your friends go first, serve the guests first, hold the door for others, etc. So when it comes to true needs and wants, we often transfer those learned behaviors and suppress ourselves.

Instead, start putting yourself first when you really want to or need to. If you are asked to work an extra day but you really feel like you need to spend some time with your family, don’t agree to work. If someone asks you what you want, don’t answer in generalizations or tell them it doesn’t matter, think about it and tell them what you really want.

Make your own wants and needs a number one priority.

9. Leave the Past Where it Belongs

The past is just that–the past. What happened in the past does not necessarily allude to what is going to happen in the future.

Each new career, new relationship, and new friendship have their own unique potential. If you were let down in the past, you can’t let that affect your present and future. They aren’t the same.

If you live in the past, you will constantly live in a self fulfilling prophecy. It’s the title of this article. Your life will suck because you expect it to suck. It’s that simple.

10. Realize that the Enemy is You

We have met the enemy, and he is us.

In order to conquer the outside, you must first conquer the inside. Look to yourself. We hold ourselves back more than anyone else has the power to. When you realize this is the reality you will find it easier to deal with your issues and make progress toward your goals.

Source:http://changeyourtree.com Page link

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