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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Poem

All part of the essence of Valentines.
Some men consider the day a waste,
Lacking in merit and void of taste,
But what's wrong with taking a lady to dine

And wishing a woman happy Valentines?
Our world is chaotic, and full of stress,
A romantic day shouldn't come with duress,
But happy is the man who finds the time

To show some attention to his Valentine.
You do not need jewelry, or flowers, or sweets
To give a lady the romance she needs -
Some thoughtful and tender attention is fine,

And should make the day a happy Valentines.
The essence of Valentines comes from the heart,
But a day for romance is a good place to start,
So make some sweet gestures; it's your turn to shine,

And treat your loved one like she's your Valentine!

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