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Saturday, March 20, 2010


India/ Mumbai/ Dharavi- Asia's largest slum with concrete huts, sometimes two-three floors, standing cheek-by-jowl

It is home to more than a million people.Houses generally have no door numbers.
Everyday,there are at least 4,000 ordinary letters to be delivered, a hundred registered ones, 150 speedposts, at least four parcels and about 15 money orders. There are some company annual reports as well to be delivered. Rather than numbers, it is the locals and shopkeepers who help postmen to locate the addressee.
No wonder, each postman, covering about 25 km every day, takes about two years to be a pro.

It is also home to several thriving small-scale industries such as embroidered garments, leather goods, pottery and plastic. According to reports, Dharavi's products sell domestically and abroad. It's annual business turnover is estimated at more than $650m.

Bibliography: Article on 'Times of India->How postmen sort Dharavi maze

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